Game Engineer

How to Become One, Hire One, and Work With One

A Guide for the Game Industry

by Kotob, M.

About this Book

This book is intended to be a guide for both technical and non-technical people on what makes up a good Game Engineer and what they do.

For game programmers who would like to improve on the technical side of the role, it's a guide for them to improve their skills holistically and to understand what they are trying to achieve. It's not a book about game engine programming, it is a book about learning the skills and principles needed whether one is making game engines or using them, whether one is building backend infrastructure or making indie games.

For decision makers who want to hire and manage Game Engineers, this is for them to have a better understanding of what that entails. They can use this book to have better judgement about who to hire and what processes to put in place.

For people in other roles whether it be Artists or Designers, this book is intended to help them understand what they are working with, and how they can work with Game Engineers to achieve the best results.

Most importantly, by setting common expectations and terminology for the role of Game Engineering, this book is intended to help the Game Industry as a whole to improve the quality of the games we make.

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